Thursday, 1 November 2007

Aquaphobia and a halloween party

Sorry I have not posted for a time but I wasn't sure how to translate what happened into words. But I will try.

On Saturday our washing machine broke.

On Sunday we went to our uncle's new house. When we got back we found that our toilet had cracked. What's more mum found out that the sun roofs in the car in the car were leaking.

Now you can see the aquaphobia part of my post.

On Wednesday the plumber came to fix the toilet. He took all morning. Then at four me and my brothers went to a party at the church.


thenewstead6 said...

There is definately something about me and water..

first sink holes..

then floods...

and now toilets, washing machines and sun roofs!

Aquaphobic? Who, Me?!

Mum xx

PrincessReader said...

Hello! It was my birthday at the weekend too! (I found out on your brothers blog) I also went to a Halloween party with my Home Ed Group!

dawniy said...

oh dear ! hope all is mended now.
we've had a leaking roof on our house too, the roof tiles were moved by a tornedo - yes it's true :)

Wobblymoo said...

You've had a leaky week, I bet you were glad when it was over