Wednesday, 24 October 2007

4 day post

Sorry I haven't posted for a while but this is the first chance I have had.

On Saturday my uncle aunt and Little cousin came over with some birthday presents, which included some books and 2 DVDs.

On Sunday we hoped into the car and drove to Sheffield which took most of the day. When we got there we went to our friend Fiona's flat. She took us to a park where William (hands up those who can see where this is going) got hit on the head by a tire swing. So he spent the evening
in A and E. Meanwhile me mum Sam and Fiona went back to the flat (dad took Will to the hospital with another friend).

Later when dad and will got back to the flat we had diner and went to the travelodge and watched part of one of my new DVDs.

On Monday we drove to the national space centre in Leicester. First we went to the cafe for lunch. Then me and my dad saw a twenty minute 3d film on what it is like to be an astronaut. Then we looked at some of the exhibits before we went to the gift shop after which we began
the long journey home.

On Tuesday it was my BIRTHDAY!!!!!

I got: a top and a jumper from nan, a book from Sam and Will, a phone from dad, a series of books from mum and dad and a digital radio also from mum and dad.

Then me and Sam watched the rest of my DVD whilst mum and dad sorted out the last minute preparations for my party. Then my guests arrived.

From them I got; some money,a book card,a Flying disk and a flying dragon set.

After the food me and my friends went to the cinema to see Ratatouille.

After everyone had gone me and Sam watched my other DVD after which we had a family diner.

Friday, 19 October 2007

sailing lesson1

Today i went to my first sailing lesson.
First we assembled our boat and
then we had a quick told how to
use our controls.

Then we set of.Later i went to our
local park for a bit.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

3 day post

on Tuesday we had an indoor day.

on Wednesday we went to Godstone farm again.
which you should remember
from bowling, forks and animal parks.

today I started a book blog.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

my week

on Friday I went to my final kayaking lesson and I..... passed!!!! And don't worry I have another
thing to write about.this Friday I will start my sailing.

On Saturday we had an indoor day. On Sunday it was pretty much the same as Saturday.

On Monday I went to the library, and also bought a new top.

Friday, 12 October 2007

play and computers

On Tuesday we went to the indoor play park. It's called
monkey bizz by the way.

On Wednesday we went to the library.

On Thursday me and my brother sam played 2 player via the internet on a game called patrician 3.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

art day

On Sunday we had a family friend come round .

Yesterday i went to an art lesson at a friends house.
We made salt dough eyes and learnt how to draw
eyes in different ways.Then we had a break on the trampoline.

After that we were allowed to make anything we wanted.
At first i didn't know what i wanted to make.
Eventually i decided to make a pot but i could not get
it to look right. however after a couple of tries i did get it right.

Saturday, 6 October 2007

kayaking lessons 4

Yesterday at the lesson I learnt how to go sideways and how to keep yourself from capsizing if your halfway in all ready.

We also played stuck in the water [which is a lot like stuck in the mud only on water] and to my surprise I managed to dodge one of the best people in the group! [no honest, I did].

Then we did a relay race across the small part of the lake.

It was red vs the other colours.

I was in red team.

Reds won!!!!!!!! yes!!

Despite the fact the other team cheated.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

The summary of my week

Sorry for not posting for a while but its been a busy week.

On Tuesday I went to an indoor play park.

On Wednesday I watched myself on TV! You can read the report and watch the thing here. I also had a friend over.

On Thursday I had a birthday meal out with my Nan, and the rest of the family.

On Friday, a bit of a hectic day, cos my brothers and my Dad went to a cake stall that was up at our local church and whilst they were out I had to look after my screaming baby brother for a few minutes, answer the phone whilst he was still screaming, and rush around doing odd jobs for a few minutes. A bit later I went to my kayaking thing whilst it was raining. Not fun!

Saturday was an indoor day, at last. Sunday I did a little bit of acting with Impact, which is the teen group at church.

Monday was another indoor day when I should have blogged but it had been driven out of my mind by all the other things that had happened during the week.

Yesterday I was on the computer alot and yes I forgot to blog again!

Today I did a couple of things about maps and how to use them, cos Mum got a free map (one for each 11 year old). I went on Neopets, which is an online site. For more information click here. Then I went onto a learning site called BrainPop. You get to watch all sorts of videos about history and other stuff. I watched ones on Harry Potter, Agatha Christie, dark matter, black holes, solar system, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Pirates, Great wall of china, Napoleon, seven wonders of the world, robots and lasers.

Then I went outside to play with my brothers. No, there were no garden forks involved this time!