Monday, 28 January 2008

partys galor

This has been one busy week.

On Friday it was Samuel's birthday. In the morning we watched Samuel opened his presents. And then it went mad. Mum was sorting out the food, Samuel and William were playing with Samuel's presents, i was downstairs looking after Jonathon and dad went out to do something.
When the guests arrived i was running back and forth opening the door checking on Jonathon repeat and so on. Now i know how mum feels.

Samuel opened his presents and we then went up to the the park. We played up there for a bit before coming back home where some more friends had arrived.

In the afternoon some schooled friends came round with more presents.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Old friends,Tutankhamun and the O2

On Sunday we went up to London to see some old friends of ours. It was a long journey but it was worth it.

As it turned out we got there early so we left a note and went to a nearby park. Now your bound to know what we are like in parks. We were ok at first but i ended up trying to strangle Samuel. You see there was a sort of sliding handle thing which you grab on to and slide across. Now i was taking a run up to grab it when Samuel who was not anywhere close enough to use it grabbed it just as i did. Because Samuel was holding on it didn't slid so flew of and Landed on my back. Ouch you must be saying and that's what i said along with other things i won't mention.

Yesterday the home ed group had a trip to the O2 building to see a showing of Tutankhamun.
It didn't take long to find our friends. We then played it until we joined the queue to go in.

I got a narrated walk though listing thing so i could find out more. It was amazing. To think it was all so old and it all had so much detail they had statues of people so realistic you could almost feel it was alive.

We didn't buy anything in the gift shop but we did go and had a drink.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

pizza and TGR

On Tuesday Samuel and William went out to monkey bizz which you should remember from other posts. Whilst they were out my nan took me to pizza hut for lunch. I then watched some tv and played on the computer.

Later on I went to the teenage reading group at the local library. It was ok but some of the kids were a bit.....well.....a bit mad still it was fun.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Christmas and the new year

I had a quiet Christmas this year along with lots of presents. I got 3 DVDs, 8 books, and a couple of toys. On Friday we went to a friends house.

On Sunday an old friend of mums came round.
On new years eve we went shopping in the morning. In the afternoon we went round to 2 of our friends houses. Busy time.