Wednesday, 27 February 2008

bowling and colds

On Monday I went to bowling with the group. First game I came second, second game I came fourth ( five people played), third game I came last. Sniff. Still i have had a cold for a while so I have a excuse and I am sticking to it.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Halls Green

On Friday I went to Halls Green with the teen group from my church. It was lots of fun.

We went swimming, abseiling, climbing, a very muddy assault course, plus some wide games.

I shared a bedroom with five people. They were all mad!

I didn't manage to actually do the abseiling; I climbed up ok, but just couldn't quite bring myself to "sit down" over thin air, which is what you had to do to go over the top.

However one good thing was that my dormintory team won so I have a full stash of chocolate hidden in one of my shoes (can't say which one in case Samuel reads this!)

We also had a bonfire on the second night, complete with twelve bags of marshmellows! I'd also helped build the bonfire.

The wide game was, we were in two teams. First we had to get our stickers from team base to the other, without getting caught. I got so close to getting a sticker on but the whistle blew just as I got there! Then we had to go and find our team's "hider in the woods". I found the OTHER team's hider, but not ours!

Mum got stressed because my phone didn't work down there so I didn't text her every hour on the hour like she wanted me to!

I had a great time but I was glad to get to sleep in my own bed last night.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

bowling and old hospitals

On monday I went bowling with the group. I'm not sure about the score but I know that on the first game I came fouth the seconed game I came second and the third game I came second. Not a bad score is it.

On tueseday we went on a trip to a old Operating Theatre. There were lots of things that were used back in the 19th century. There were also lots of tools there. We then listened to a talk on what it was like in the hospital. We were also gave us a demonstration on what suergy was like. One of the people was a bit to keen on cuting somone up.

Friday, 8 February 2008

a trip to sheffield and the hairdressers

Hi sorry I’ve not posted for a while but nothing has happened. Anyway on with the show.

On Sunday dad left to go to Sheffield to teach people how to be sales men. He got back on Wednesday. Yesterday I went to the hairdressers. It had very good service I was in and out in 12 minutes.