Wednesday, 28 November 2007

bowling,tv crews, play areas and a party

On Monday me and my dad went bowling with the home ed group. We played three games. I lost all of them. I didn't even get a strike.

On Tuesday teachers tv came to film us. They filmed William reading, Samuel doing cooking and leaning french and me blogging on my book blog. After that they had a interview with me and then my mum.

We then went to monkey bizz with the tv crew. When we got there we had to wait for the tv crew because they wanted to film us going in. In the end we had to go in with out them because they were late. when they got there they filmed some of the mums and then filmed us playing. Then they left.

We then went up to my friend Theo's house for his party. Me and Samuel then got in his dad's car and went to a near by bowling alley. Yes I got to go bowling two nights in a row. We then met so of Theo's other friends. We played two games. I won the first one. I came second in the second game. After we had played we went back to his house for food. So busy day wasn't it?

Sunday, 25 November 2007

sailing lesson5

On Friday. sniff. I had. sniff. My final sailing lesson. waaaaaahaaaaahaaaa. We had a race after which we went to the the award ceremony for the kayaking and the sailing. We all passed. On the way home we got a MacDonald's to celebrate.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Away go the parents

On Sunday after lunch my mum, dad and baby brother went to Sheffield. My mum was going to a home ed meeting and dad was going to look after the baby. So me and my other two brothers were being looked after by my nan. After they had gone Samuel and William went on the computer and i got down my Risk bard game so i could read the instructions. After i finished i mucked around with the pits of the game. Same sort of thing happened on Monday. Me and samuel were in the middle of a game when mum, dad and Jonathon got back. We helped them bring there stuff in and i then went to read my book.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

sailing lesson4

On this sailing lesson we learnt what to do if we are going to be toed and we also went around a course of three markers. We then had a race from the jetty to the island at the far end of the lake and back. My boat came..............third. We would have got second if someone hadn't used the boat me and my team were in as a push off ramp. Still we were Miles ahead of the boat in 4th.

Friday, 16 November 2007

play areas,parks and visiters

On Tuesday we went to Monkey bizz.

On Wednesday me, my brothers and my dad went to Keston park with two friends.
We went for a walk built and a dam in a stream. Later I went to the bus stop by our house to wait for a friend. When he arrived we went on to the Internet, then watch a movie. Whilst he showed off his phone. Then we had dinner. We then went up stairs to play a game in the dark.

For anyone who is interested here is how to play. First get a torch each. (If you don't have a torch any light will do). Second turn the main lights off and run to a hiding place. Now you must sneak around until you see some one. When you do point your light at them and turn it on quickly. They will now be out. Make sure that you don't leave your light on for too long or some one might see you. If you get caught go to a corner some where and then say "I'm out" so that every one knows how many people are left. Whoever is the last man standing wins.

Monday, 12 November 2007

sailing lesson3

On Friday my third sailing session looked scary. It was so windy. first we did our theory before rigging our boats. We got halve way and realised that the wind was getting stronger. In the end we made two boats and took it in turns to sail.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

fireworks party and a museum

On Saturday we had an indoor day.

On Sunday it was the same.

On Monday we had a fireworks party. So we spent the morning preparing for that. The guests started to arrive at five. We had some food then went out to the garden and watched the fireworks.

On Tuesday me and my dad went to the British Museum with the home ed group. We got up at seven had breakfast and got on the train. We then had a shortish walk to the museum. On the way we met some of our Friends. We dropped of our coats in the room were the schools (or home ed groups) put there stuff in. Then we met our tour guide and went into the terracotta army exhibit. We spent some time being told about the army and the first emperor and his kingdom and the we went around the exhibit. It was amazing.

We then went to the gift shop.

After which we explored the other exhibits and then went to lunch. Then we walked to the station. On the way we saw a street entertainer and one of my friends was picked as a volunteer to help.

Two of my Friends came home with us to play for a bit.

We then had a chinese for dinner.

Friday, 2 November 2007

sailing lesson2

Today I went to my second sailing lesson.

We learnt the types of turns and perfected our control of the boat.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Aquaphobia and a halloween party

Sorry I have not posted for a time but I wasn't sure how to translate what happened into words. But I will try.

On Saturday our washing machine broke.

On Sunday we went to our uncle's new house. When we got back we found that our toilet had cracked. What's more mum found out that the sun roofs in the car in the car were leaking.

Now you can see the aquaphobia part of my post.

On Wednesday the plumber came to fix the toilet. He took all morning. Then at four me and my brothers went to a party at the church.