Friday, 16 November 2007

play areas,parks and visiters

On Tuesday we went to Monkey bizz.

On Wednesday me, my brothers and my dad went to Keston park with two friends.
We went for a walk built and a dam in a stream. Later I went to the bus stop by our house to wait for a friend. When he arrived we went on to the Internet, then watch a movie. Whilst he showed off his phone. Then we had dinner. We then went up stairs to play a game in the dark.

For anyone who is interested here is how to play. First get a torch each. (If you don't have a torch any light will do). Second turn the main lights off and run to a hiding place. Now you must sneak around until you see some one. When you do point your light at them and turn it on quickly. They will now be out. Make sure that you don't leave your light on for too long or some one might see you. If you get caught go to a corner some where and then say "I'm out" so that every one knows how many people are left. Whoever is the last man standing wins.

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thenewstead6 said...

so THAT was what all the noise was....