Saturday, 6 October 2007

kayaking lessons 4

Yesterday at the lesson I learnt how to go sideways and how to keep yourself from capsizing if your halfway in all ready.

We also played stuck in the water [which is a lot like stuck in the mud only on water] and to my surprise I managed to dodge one of the best people in the group! [no honest, I did].

Then we did a relay race across the small part of the lake.

It was red vs the other colours.

I was in red team.

Reds won!!!!!!!! yes!!

Despite the fact the other team cheated.


thenewstead6 said...

Glad you did well! Glad you won too (cos I know what you are like when you lose... can't think WHERE you get that from...!)

Keep up the great work! Mum x

Roarke said...

I am not surprised that you won - because you are wonderful!!
I don't care if you think I have said it enough - I will keep saying it. You are WONDERFUL. Dad

Wobblymoo said...

Just goes to show that cheating doesn't pay

Fiona said...

what kind of cheating ?