Monday, 24 September 2007

News Crews and Libraries

today I had the tv crew come round. My mum is doing the bit for Channel 4 and they wanted a family as well, so we got dragged into it.

Lucky us!

So I spent most of the day with that, which was quite fun. they filmed me blogging - my earlier post, they were filming me whilst I did it!

Then they filmed my brother baking shortbread, with my dad. Then they filmed my other brother making stuff. Then they had a quick interview with my mum and then they filmed us getting books out of the library. Which was fun.

So, an eventful day, but a good one. A lot more interesting than school!

Its meant to be on the tv on Wednesday, on Channel 4 News. I think its about 7pm.


Wobblymoo said...

Cool, shall watch out for that

Karen b said...

Hi Josh. I saw you and your family on TV yesterday. It's really cool that you are all home educated. I home educate my daughter and she loves it too.

Karen b xx