Saturday, 15 September 2007

Kayaking Lessons

On Friday I started Kayaking lessons. To my surprise I was actually slightly good.

Luckily enough I didn't fall in, despite the fact that a ton of other people did.

So far I've learnt how to control my kayak, and that water polo is extremely difficult! I've also learnt how to go round and round in circles.

No - seriously - I was MEANT to be learning that!

I'm going to be doing it for five weeks and hopefully I will be able to get my certificate by then, and if not, I hope I don't have to go through it all again.


dawniy said...

welcome to bloggong Josh, sounds like you're havng a lot of fun :)

Fiona said...

Hi Joshua

This is Fiona from Fiona_and-Theo. I'm not at all sure I'd like that kayaking stuff;as a teenager I grew up near a weir and we often saw teenagers strapped in long narrow canoe things having a lesson. Is a canoe the same as a kayak ?

Fiona said... answering my own question here about kayaks and canoes...

# Kayaks are closed in boats with double ended paddles.
# Canoes are open boats with single paddles.

something about the keel as well, apparently.

love, fiona

Wobblymoo said...

I've never been that adventurous, it's good as long as you are enjoying it

Minnie said...

I think you are so cool for doing that. I could never be so brave because I really don't like water. Good for you:O)

Elle said...

Hi Joshua, kayaking sounds like good fun. I had a peak at your website too, looks brilliant, well done. My daughter, Katie, likes updating her website too so she can get more hours on the PC!! Elle at ellesfuntimes.

Carlotta said...

Hi Joshua,

What a coincidence...Ds started kayaking on Friday! I think he liked it more than he expected.

Hope it goes well and doesn't get too cold.

DaveHill said...

Only "slightly" good? I'm sure you were slightly better than that...