Saturday, 26 April 2008

wet week

On Wednesday we went to the Chatham Historic Dockyard.

First we went on a guided tour of how they made the wooden ships.

We then went on to the HMS Gannet which is a restored sailing ship. I then said that when dad had got lots of money like he keeps going on about he had to buy me a sailing ship like it.

After lunch we then went on to the HMS cavalier a world war 2 destroyer.

We then ( after a few tantrums ) went to the police museum. Samuel and William played on a model of a police public call box (aka the tardis ) while me, mum and dad went in to the museum. Check out the tardis!

On Friday I had sailing again.
It was the worst sailing i had ever been to.

We rigged the boat wrong at first. Well my partner did. Then we fond out one of the screws in the boat was loose so we started to take on water. then we were the slowest boat to get up the river. Then the rope that kept the boom from swinging aroned came undone. Then as we went back to the jetty i was sitting on the front of the boat and we were going to fast and my partner didn't slow us down and we hit the jetty to fast i went flying out of the boat and into the water. I just maneged to get on to the jetty but if i didn't i would have gone under. Not a good day is it?

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