Tuesday, 3 June 2008

sailing lesson cach up

Ok here is what happened in sailing.

Lesson 3
When we got the there were some school kids were doing a day thing so we had to share the lake. It also meant that the best life jackets had been taken. I think the thing we learnt best was how to doge boats bigger than us who are trying to splash you.

Lesson 4
Really hectic but nothing worth saying.

lesson 5
Lots of splashing as we got out the paddles.
Got soaked by the instructors speed boat. he came past and we got court by the waves.
I told the others in the boat to turn ( I was at the front) but they didn't. so I got
hit right up to the waist. Still the wave carried on going and got the others wet.
Serves them right for not turning.

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